Month: November 2017

If you are visionary and your client is not – find another client

At this years Munich founders festival Bits and Pretzels I listened to Andy Cunningham’s inspiring talk on the role of PR in the 21st Century. She was on the so-called Academy Stage, a type of university format where the founders are able to learn from the stars. Andy Cunningham was a PR Consultant to Steve Jobs. He fired her four times and hired her five times. I was very excited to listen to her. The way Apple promotes its love brand has a very important meaning for me. Whenever a client does not seem to understand why we are...

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Video is the new PR

Doing PR for Start Ups is like doing PR for corporates. Talking about the budget it means that there is a very big difference. Start Ups usually have a very small budget. Therefore an animated explainer video is an excellent PR tool which can go with a press release about a product or a service. Here is an example of our very successful PR work for one of our clients, the Start Up Oroboo Angel.  Oroboo Angel is a communication platform of a worldwide community. It enables people of different origin to talk anywhere, anytime despite language barriers. Oroboo’s multilangual...

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