We did storytelling for the German Fintech StartUp WIWIN.

WIWIN was founded by Matthias Willenbacher in 2011. WIWIN is a financial intermediary striving to make the world a better place through supporting sustainable projects (e.g. renewable energy, electromobility,   green buildings). In particular, WIWIN is the leading crowdinvesting platform for renewable energy investments in Germany.

Matthias Willenbacher embodies more than twenty years of passion for everything which moves, flies or flows. He is a well-known entrepreneur, visionary and consultant for renewable energy.

Via WIWIN investors are able to fund money into sustainable projects or companies. What makes WIWIN unique is that they offer project know-how and investment proficiency at the same time.

Ventures are chosen with expertise. A prime example is Sono Motors GmbH, a fast growing start up based in Munich. „Driven by the sun“ is their slogan and their product is a solar car which is said to be the next affordable Tesla.

Why did we choose to tell the story of the founder?

Visual storytelling is the best way to brand the story of your brand.

Brand authenticity means you tell an authentic story of your brand. 

We told the authentic story of Matthias Willenbacher, the graduated physicist who grew up on a German farm, where he built his first wind turbine – not in the garage but on the rooftop of his parent’s house.

Which has led to the same results.