Doing PR for Start Ups is like doing PR for corporates.

Talking about the budget it means that there is a very big difference. Start Ups usually have a very small budget. Therefore an animated explainer video is an excellent PR tool which can go with a press release about a product or a service.

Here is an example of our very successful PR work for one of our clients, the Start Up Oroboo Angel. 

Oroboo Angel is a communication platform of a worldwide community. It enables people of different origin to talk anywhere, anytime despite language barriers. Oroboo’s multilangual Angels allow access to all languages of this world with only one click via an Audi/Video-connection

We produced two videos for Oroboo Angel

The German video was sent to Journalists together with the Press Release we provided for the client:


The press coverage was a huge success. We were covered in a couple of German daily papers an on German public broadcast.

Oroboo: Gratis-Dolmetscher per Videokonferenz