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Leadership Communications Advisor. Storyteller. Italian at heart.

I’m a serial entrepreneur based in Europe, where I am running my company, Harthcommunications. For the last 20 years, I have worked in communications. In the 90es, I studied the feminist theory of law with Professor Susanne Baer. She gave me a solid and analytical feminist mindset. However, I did not dare to pursue it there. Instead, I wrote my thesis at Max Planck Institute for European history of law. My research career’s most significant outcome and the greatest gift of all has been my son Victor, born in Bologna. Since then, I have worked in communications and remained an early adopter: I became a video producer and followed my passion: Consulting on what I believed will be the future of work and our lives: Communications of Change: Leadership, Diversity and Inclusion, Corporate Social Responsibility, and Digital Education. It has been a very stony and painful journey; I never felt enough because of my so-called un-linear career path – until 8 March 2020, shortly before the pandemic hit our world. I accepted the invitation of a female network, the Rising Pineapples, to speak at their Women’s day event. And here is what I did: I decided to share my knowledge about connecting the dots to tell a compelling career story, and I called it OWN YOUR STORY. To make my talk engaging, I took the courage to share my own career story, with all its ups and downs. The resonance to this was overwhelmingly positive. I noticed that making myself vulnerable helped me own my story, and this is how I found my purpose: To guide leaders and founders owning their stories. Today I strongly believe in what Brene Brown calls the power of vulnerability and the courage to lead. I live it every day, and I am very grateful.

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Throughout my whole career, I have been passionate about working with people who disrupted structures and who fought for innovative concepts for building a better world. 


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