I am the founder of Harthcommunications, a  communications consultancy with its roots in authentic storytelling. I work with clients across many diverse sectors, including data science, fintech, health tech, compliance management, fashion, and art.

I know the power of empathy in business and how supporting a client’s bid for authenticity can help them craft their own unique voice in the corporate world.

Caroline Harth Childhood

I know first-hand how difficult it can be to own your story. Witnessing this fear in others led me to realise my true calling: for more than a decade, I have worked to build a communications consultancy that will help the trailblazers of today know how best to market their most valuable asset- themselves.

Simply put, I believe in truth. I could tell you what you want to hear. But in an age where professionals must dare to lead with empathy, their positioning must be authentic. Since 2010, my communications consultancy has been helping clients craft and reframe their narratives and get to the heart of what they want to tell the world.

Caroline´s Team

Anna Hanlon studies History and Sociology at the University of Liverpool. She possesses an analytical mind, and understands the liminal way in which the academic and personal meet. Not one to shy away from difficult concepts, she loves a challenge and strives to cut through the noise in order to get to the beating heart of the issue.

Above all, Anna is a storyteller in the most original sense. She takes numbers, facts, and words to discover what really matters in our client’s stories. Anna has an unapologetic, unpretentious approach packed with the most important ingredient for any good story: the right amount of humour. Being British, Anna can give your English-language speech natural-sounding flair. She prides herself in being able to turn any pitch from a dry PDF into a purpose-driven piece of storytelling that will make your investor take note.

Anna Hanlon
Angela Fiore

Angela Fiore is the head of content. She is the publisher of Il Mitte, Germany’s biggest Italian-language online magazine. Before starting her publishing career, she has worked as a content marketer, a copywriter, a marketing and PR strategist, and an artist PR manager. She contributes to OWN YOUR STORY with her Blog Writing, SEO copywriting, and strategic planning skills, bringing almost two decades’ worth of international experiences to the table. Her love for Europe, especially Berlin, her Italian heart, and her passion for languages and cultures make her the perfect Strategist for Leadership Communications, with an eye to diversity and inclusion beyond gender.

She is a sharp-minded, gifted storyteller and leader, passionate about literature and politics, and an expert at getting the best out of people through brilliant storytelling.

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