My Hyperfocus is my competitive advantage

Based on this competitive advantage, I bring an innovative approach to communication. I specialize in helping clients cut through the noise and captivate their audience. I position start-ups and established companies.

As a Guardian, Advocate, and Mentor for Leaders, Founders, and Business Owners, I believe that understanding what your own narratives are as opposed to what narratives have been created about you, is key for a solid positioning inside your career story.

I deconstructed and reframed a common narrative with my first book “The myth of the destruction of contract law.My study is a contribution to a pan-European research project on the influence of law on economics under the age of European dictatorship which was run by the Max Planck Institute for the history of law. Today, I am focused on guiding companies and their leaders and founders to reframe and control their narratives so they can lead better. You can read stories about how to own your story on this website.

My journey to this point has been shaped by my strong interest in corporate social responsibility and diversity. Inspired by feminist legal theory, I realized the importance of taking ownership of my own narrative and decided to focus my energy on helping others do the same.

With my consulting and video production company, Harthcommunications I have helped my clients and their companies to reframe their narratives and find their authentic voice so they can get their core message across. I am a speaking about storytelling since 2014, at media law firms, recruitment firms an any industries relevant for storytellling. I am best known for introducing an internal communications manifesto that helps people and companies to create a solid foundation for owning their stories.

What is Special about My Approach?

I don´t do branding. Here is what Own Your Story is all about:

  • You are not (that) important. How will you shine in a crowd of other presumably equally talented and experienced professionals fighting for a spotlight? Don´t try.
  • Your success depends on (un)branding yourselfThe truth is that you are not a brand because personal branding as we know it doesn’t exist. There’s something slightly sinister about a capitalist system so prevalent that the “human” connection we all thoroughly crave can be fed to us as a marketable ideal
  • Authenticity according to the standards of the market is, by definition, paradoxical. So don´t waste your time here

My approach is focused

on helping individuals identify and overcome limiting self-beliefs through a combination of coaching and consulting. Your approach also utilizes semantic analysis of narratives to identify and re-frame negative self-talk.

I emphasize empowering individuals to take ownership of their stories by

helping them understand how, when, and why they should share their narratives. By using a hybrid approach that combines coaching and consulting, I provide personalized support and guidance to my clients.








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