Enchanted with cutting long stories short and putting them into a bigger picture since my childhood, I founded my communications consultancy, Harthcommunications, in Berlin in 2010. I am a renowned communications expert helping leaders and founders to own their story. With a phd in history of law, I understand academic subjects and my indepth knowledge of sustainability and diversity communication means I can inject empathy and emotional connection into my clients stories.

I work with a 3 step program containing





I advise companies and organizations on communicating their services and products in times of digital change. I offer more than classic Public Relations. In today´s business world it is critical to engage the innovation community from the inside – as opposed to marketing from the outside to classical Public Relations. This requires activating a network of change-makers in a genuine way and instigating them into taking part in your companies journey. It is all about getting access to new tribes which must be X-rayed. I work with clients who understand this kind of innovation communication an I help them to build an innovation communication strategy.

 Storytelling has always been at the forefront of how we emotionally connect with our family, friends, colleagues, and businesses. I create emotional connections between you, your customers, and your products or services through the power of storytelling.

Whether you employ me to turn graphics, charts, numbers, facts, and data into a compelling story, or if you need me to weave a tale that will help your business not only reach the widest audience but make them feel something, I can do it.

With a Ph.D. in the history of law, I understand academic subjects. And my love for sustainability and diversity means I can inject empathy and emotional connection into your written and recorded content. I paint scenes with words and am adept at creating engaging articles, videos, and podcasts. I understand and have a history of working within agile cultures, and I know how to tell your stories in a way that everyone will understand. So, when do we write our first chapter together?

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