Three steps program

I consult leaders and founders on how to own their stories so they can communicate their core messages and company values clearly and compellingly, lead, and sell better.

We will take a look at your narratives, declutter them together and build a sustainable Internal Communication Manifesto, which helps you own your story so you can create any narrative you want and need, according to the demands of your marketing and PR strategy.

My 3 step program is a consultancy on your internal communications. You can only communicate authentically to the world based on your crystal clear internal communication. There is no difference in the corporate world. It is the same technique we are using for corporate communications.

Find your purpose, your mission, and your vision. Find your core message. Communicate it. Then go public. Not the other way round. Don’t be lazy and let a consultant do all this work. A consultant is meant to be consulting. They are not doing the work FOR YOU. They are there to help you get the job done. Consultants who do the work for you aren’t working. They just want to send you a cheque.


Stepping out of your comfort zone means getting ready to own your story.

A comfort zone is not necessarily something that feels comfortable. When we speak about comfort zones in the context of self-reflection, we think about an environment we have inhabited for a long time. And it might be what’s holding us back. Even the way we are coping with a very traumatic experience can be a comfort zone: being a victim certainly doesn’t feel comfortable. This is not about sugar-coating the fact someone has been a victim of a crime or telling anybody how to cope with something deeply personal. This is about acknowledging the coping mechanisms that we all develop in order to survive.
How does this affect your ability to own your story?
Once you decide to own your story, you’ll need to be mentally ready for it.
This is all about you, particularly the first step. Nobody can do that better than you and nobody can do it for you. In order to change your narrative, you must be ready to shift your perspective. And that will only happen once you have a clear idea of your identity, your goals, and your core values.


Decluttering your narratives means you start by gathering all your narratives and checking them out, one after the other.

Then you take a look at every narrative and ask yourself, just like Marie Kondo would:
Does it spark joy? When it doesn’t you can either do it the Marie Kondo way and say goodbye gratefully. You can also ghost it. Both are fine.
The first thing you need to declutter is your own head. Because owning your story is all about you. You can work on your branding, your social media channels, any aspect of your identity you like.

Nail it and own it!

This is the exercise part we will be doing in the consulting session.

Please prepare for it by writing a paragraph which summarises your professional bio. Try to keep it short.

Here is the example of my professional story I put into one paragraph: “Enchanted with cutting long stories short and putting them into a bigger picture since her childhood, Caroline founded her communications consultancy, Harthcommunications, in Berlin in 2010. She is a renowned communications expert guiding leaders and founders to own their story. With a phd in history of law, she understands academic subjects and her indepth knowledge of sustainability and diversity communication means she can inject empathy and emotional connection into her clients stories.”

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