In today’s rapidly changing world, where new work paradigms, massive layoffs, and rising awareness of work-life balance have brought us into a state of constant transition, it’s more important than ever to take control of our career narratives.

Own Your Story Guidance is a style of counseling that helps people become experts in their own lives, especially in their career story. Own Your Story Guidance places emphasis on the stories that individuals develop and carry with them throughout their career.

As individuals experience events and interactions in their career, they give meaning to those experiences, which in turn, influences how they see themselves and their work.

 We will take a look at your narratives, deconstruct them together and build a sustainable Personal Manifesto, which helps you own your story.


When I scheduled a session with Caroline, I didn’t know what to expect. However, already after a brief chat, I saw the value of our meeting, as she has put quite some work into preparing for it. She managed to ask the right questions and exceeded my expectations in terms of the end result. All of that in a relaxed and casual way. She put together all the loose ends of my story and showed me how I can own it and feel empowered by it. I’d recommend her work to anyone who needs some guidance and putting together your own image as a person, or a leader. She is also a very cool lady!
Aleks Sztemberg

Co-Founder, Stormly, AI-Powered Analytics Platform

Beeing a heartsurgeon and founding my own healthcare startup? Not a clear storyline!? This contradiction was running in my head and I had difficulties communicating this transition to my environment AND myself!
Working with Caroline was the breakthrough! With her smart,professional and unconventional way she easily helped me to authentically rewrite my story. The moment when I read it, it sounded so crystal clear to me and it not only motivated me immensely, but it also strengthened my confidence to continue my path enthusiastically and full of energy!

Dr. Dr. Lena Eschenbach

Founder & Managing Director at MedTank GmbH

I had the pleasure to work with Caroline on my internal manifesto. It was an eye-opening experience, with intuition and empathy she helped me to uncover my personal story.

Scarlett Fajardo

Impactivist & Product and Portfolio Management Steam and Generator Service, Siemens Energy

caroline harth step out of your comfort zone


Let’s talk about comfort zones!  We all have these cozy little corners of life where we feel safe and secure, but sometimes they can hold us back from truly owning our story.

For a lot of us high-achieving folks, that comfort zone can be the old friend called Impostor Syndrome. You know, that nagging feeling that you’re not good enough, despite all your amazing accomplishments?

Owning your story means stepping out of that cozy corner and facing your fears head-on. It’s scary, sure, but it’s also empowering.

And guess what? Only you can make that first step. No one knows you better than yourself, so you’re the only one who can shift your perspective and change your narrative. It all starts with identifying what’s holding you back and being ready to change it.


caroline harth declutter your narratives


we begin the process of decluttering your narratives by first gathering them all and taking a closer look at each one. We’ll deconstruct them together, examining their underlying assumptions and biases, and asking critical questions about their origins and meanings.

 But before we can begin decluttering your external narratives, we must first address the clutter within your own head. This is where the real work of owning your story begins.

As a communications consultant and storyteller with over 20 years of experience, I’ve developed a unique system to guide you through this process. Together, we’ll work to deconstruct your limiting beliefs and assumptions, and construct new, empowering narratives that align with your true desires and goals.

caroline harth build your internal communication

Build your Personal Manifesto!

you’ll be guided to compose a personal maniesto that connects the dots between your favorite narratives, creating a concise and compelling story that captures your essence and highlights your strengths. In short, the Own Your Story program will help you build a strong internal communication system that will support you in all areas of your life.


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