Caroline Harth

Strategic communications consultant

Does the “new normal” in communications cause you a lot of stress? Does it feel more like the new awkward to you? Are you overwhelmed by the world of new buzzwords? 

I consult leaders and founders on how to own their stories so that they can communicate their core messages and company values clearly and compellingly, lead, and sell better. 

The systemic change in the last ten years has disrupted the business world. Which impacts the way we communicate. I have always been an early adopter, so my clients trust me to be able to put their stories into the right context. 

We will take a look at your narratives, declutter them together and build a sustainable boilerplate, which helps you to own your story so you can build any narrative you want and need according to the demands of your marketing and PR

What if you owned your story?  

“I am the CEO of an international cleaning business. My founder’s story and the purpose of my company have consistently gained a lot of public attention. And I always felt it was important to share my story to encourage entrepreneurs. My 24/7 work for the core business of my company does not give me time to reflect on understanding what is essential. I don’t have extra – time for decluttering here. Caroline decluttered my narratives and helped me to chose a path for my PR and communications strategy which helps my business and is doing good for others at the same time.”

Aynur Boldaz
Founder & CEO, Forever Clean

“Caroline is a very professional personal branding consultant and video producer. She convinced me to tell my personal founder story in a compelling video clip for my company WIWIN. She has a profound background in the field of sustainability and she is a dedicated and passionate storyteller.”

Matthias Willenbacher
Entrepreneur, Founder of wiwin GmbH & Co. KG

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