Caroline Harth

Business Storyteller

Storytelling has always been at the forefront of how we emotionally connect with our family, friends, colleagues, and businesses. My name is Caroline Harth, and I create emotional connections between you, your customers, and your products or services through the power of storytelling.
Whether you employ me to turn graphics, charts, numbers, facts, and data into a compelling story, or if you need me to weave a tale that will help your business not only reach the widest audience but make them feel something, I can do it.
With a Ph.D. in the history of law, I understand academic subjects. And my love for sustainability and diversity means I can inject empathy and emotional connection into your written and recorded content. I paint scenes with words and am adept at creating engaging articles, videos, and podcasts. I understand and have a history of working within agile cultures, and I know how to tell your stories in a way that everyone will understand. So, when do we write our first chapter together?



I attended this year's Data Natives (DN19), one of the best events to go to in Europe if you want to dive into the beautiful new world of data. The Data Natives community is the meeting point for over 70,000 industry experts, entrepreneurs, tech, and business...

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What´s love got to do with it?

On higher purpose and corporate social responsibility 4.0  In the digital age, consumers are increasingly aware that in pursuing business objectives, corporations have a wider responsibility towards society and the environment. Be it not making a difference...

What’s the future of innovation in Europe? Thoughts after the Milan launch of Henkel X Partners

Let's discuss innovation. The recent Italian launch of Henkel X Partners led the way to making continental Europe a great place for digital innovation by collectively investing in and building an underlying digital open innovation platform. While this might sound like...

“What makes you tech” – a question which can lead to corporate digital repsponsibility

According to a recent article by Valerie Mocker in the German daily paper Handelsblatt, digital responsibility will become one of the most important issues for businesses in the coming years. What does this mean? In a nutshell, it means companies are now expected to...

Getting ready for Bits & Pretzels – why conferences are the future of PR

PR is not what it used to be. My job has less and less to do with going to cocktail parties and building relationships with the movers and shakers of a certain industry or a glittering crowd of media representatives and more and more with sitting in front of a...

Brave new world of toxic work: hustle porn is harming the tech industry

Toxic work place The 21st century provides us humans, as social beings, with a new understanding of social interactions, as well as with new language to describe phenomena that have been around for ages, but were never openly addressed before. One prime example of...

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