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Do you change your Linked In profile often, and do you still get stressed out about sending your speaker’s vita for a conference? Are you tired and bored of re-inventing yourself? Do you, as a human being, feel uncomfortable with the idea of being a personal brand? Do you sometimes feel your vulnerable leadership can turn into an oversharing hangover? Do you have doubts about trusting an expert setting the paradigms of what is private and what is personal for you? Do you sometimes even feel you are already disowned? I guide leaders, founders, and organisations on their way to owning and if necessary, regaining control of their story.

 When you own your story, you get to write the ending.

Brené Brown

What if you owned your story?


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With an in-depth knowledge of leadership communications and company values topics, Caroline’s intercultural and interdisciplinary background helped me solve complex communications challenges in a very harmonious process. She guided me in several strategic communication projects, enabling me to adequately address the peculiarity of the markets I was operating while keeping the company values intact. Caroline showed a rare capability of elaborating the main priorities we set at the beginning of a project, always delivering content PR strategies that meet today’s standards.

Gianfranco Ditadi

CEO, Valentino

Caroline is the creative founder of a uniquely impactful private female business network. In a landscape crowded with female networks, Caroline´s approach stands out for its innovative and results-oriented focus on making business connections which lead to business. Her matchmaking talent and hands-on approach make this network distinctly valuable. I am deeply grateful to be part of the fabulous group of women! Thanks to you dear Caroline!

Lisa Maria Pippus

Lecturer, University of Applied Sciences, Berlin


I started following Caroline’s social media channels because she posted really funny and authentic content that resonated with me. When I needed sound communications advice – she became my go-to person. Walking me through my strengths and mission, she gave me the courage to talk about things that I didn’t initially feel so comfortable with. Now I am really ‘Owning my story’.

Amber Riedl

Founder of Makerist

I am the CEO of an international cleaning business. My founder’s story and the purpose of my company have consistently gained a lot of public attention. And I always felt it was important to share my story to encourage entrepreneurs. My 24/7 work for the core business of my company does not give me time to reflect on understanding what is essential. I don’t have extra – time for decluttering here. Caroline decluttered my narratives and helped me to chose a path for my PR and communications strategy which helps my business and is doing good for others at the same time.”

Aynur Boldaz

Founder & CEO, Forever Clean

Caroline is a very professional communications consultant and video producer. She convinced me to tell my personal founder story in a compelling video clip for my company WIWIN. She has a profound background in the field of sustainability and she is a dedicated and passionate storyteller.

Matthias Willenbacher

Entrepreneur, Founder and CEO, WIWIN


Caroline is a changemaker and a leading PR expert in the field of sustainability. Her in-depth knowledge and her excellent network within traditional German industries and the start-up world is one of her strongest assets.

Kim Cheng

CEO, German Packaging Institute


Working with Caroline is ease personified. Her ability to tell stories and ask the right questions is not only apparent but core to her extensive skillset. Always a pleasure working with her, and long may it continue.

Stewart Rogers

Managing Editor at Grit Daily/ Co-Founder at Badass Empire, VentureBeat MC, public speaker


Caroline made me feel confident about writing my own story right from the start. With her great experience, empathy and care, she structured the process wonderfully and worked out the decisive moments. I was totally impressed by the result and it always helps me to reflect on my essential things. I am extremely grateful for her support and I hope that there are still numerous opportunities for further cooperation.

Francisco J. Fiala

Life Mentoring for Business People,

Navigating life in Berlin post-college and post-COVID was a whirlwind of emotions, but Caroline was a beacon of support right from the start. She welcomed me with open arms, never once judging me for my professional standing at the time, and she generously shared invaluable tips on how to share my story unapologetically. Caroline is not only a phenomenal connector but also an inspiring and empowering woman. Her incredible work with “She Owns Her Oysters” has made a significant impact, and I’m so grateful to be a part of it!

Francielly Monteiro

Oceanographer | Data Scientist | Founder of Benthos.ai