As the “Clarity Whisperer,” I’ve had many executives turn to me, seeking a more focused approach to their professional lives. Many of these individuals find themselves in one of two states: they’re close to burnout, or they’re in a state of utter confusion and perplexity.

One of the biggest mistakes in personal branding is investing time, energy, and mental resources in becoming someone you are not and finding your Doppelganger in a “mirror world” to speak with Naomi Klein. At this point, you are just branding someone else.

Furthermore, personal branding choices are sometimes limited, depending on your personal branding consultant. You can be a muse, a maverick, or a magician – remember Rebekkah Neuman’s encounter with a personal branding accountant in the Apple TV series “WeCrashed”? We know where that went …

Many claim personal branding and positioning are synonymous, but I beg to differ. Positioning is about highlighting your true expertise and goals without falling into the traps of personal branding.

So, my clients have realized that personal branding often overwhelms them, facing a time crunch, authenticity dilemmas, content chaos, and privacy concerns.

Time Crunch

In terms of the “Time Crunch,” they couldn’t even attend a meeting without their selfie stick at the ready, let alone manage a life that screams VIP wall-worthy success.

Content Chaos

Regarding “Content Chaos,” they don’t know what to speak about and what their own expertise content is. They’re confused with clickbait demands and the pressure of becoming a LinkedIn Top Voice.

Authenticity Dilemma

As for the “Authenticity Dilemma,” corporate life was all about professionalism, but personal branding required them to transform into self-proclaimed influencers. It is like a double life with a selfie stick as the secret weapon.

With these VIP wall and mirror misadventures behind them, these executives are now turning to a more sensible approach: Positioning. It’s about showcasing their genuine expertise without the selfie stick shenanigans. They’re ready to shine without following the influencer crowd!