“During a private equity deal, I was told I was not qualified to lead the company I had successfully helmed for nearly a decade. Not wanting to put my ego ahead of my company’s success, I took their advice and stepped down. Looking back now, I realize that I let two middle-aged male consultants mansplain me out of a job I had done exceptionally well. Two years later, I was asked to return as CEO and I am now leading my company out of Covid” – Vicky Tsai

Do you sometimes wonder what this “own your story” PR is all about?

Fair enough. Because storytelling has certainly become a buzzword. But as I always use to say: Ain´t nothing bad about buzzing. As long as you know what you are buzzing about!

Here is a very fresh and very powerful example from the brave new world of venture capital, shared by my colleague Elisheva Marcus and by Dave Lu, the Co-founder of Pare and Leader of “Stand with Asian Americans”

First of all this is about VULNERABILITY.

Vicky Tsai made herself vulnerable and owned her story with us. Why? Because owning your story is becoming the most powerful tool of “growth opportunity, community building and empowerment” of the leaders of the 21 century.

Secondly, it is very much about the right timing. It Took Vicky Tsai 12 years to make herself vulnerable and sharing her founder Story. And it took her two years to share the devastating exit of her own company which luckily lead to a combeback which empowered her to become a leadership rolemodel and is the best PR Tatcha can ask for.

Why? Because “We are in the midst of an opportunity for change”, to say it in the very own words of Vicky Tsai.

Please check out the whole story.


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