Tell Your Story

3 Steps to Own your Story

We can help you Own your Story in just three simple steps. We ask the right questions to  ensure that you are able to identify what makes you unique and how to formulate this into your own internal communications manifesto. By stepping out of your comfort zone, decluttering your narratives and building your communications memo, we can craft you an authentic and liberating personal brand, allowing you to tell your story on your terms.

Tell your Story on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is all about telling your story; if you don’t know quite what that story is, your voice can get lost in the crowd. We can help you produce a concise, streamlined ‘About Me’ that articulates who you are and what matters to you. For those who have no defining narrative, LinkedIn can be the ultimate poisoned chalice; by creating an inspired ‘About Me’ which tells your Story targeted to your next career step, we can write you an introduction befitting of someone ready to take their career to the next level.

Tell your Story on Clubhouse

Clubhouse is the new frontier in business communications. In this age of sensationalism, failure to create an engaging Clubhouse ‘bio’ could see you fade into the background amidst stiff competition. If you’re struggling to present yourself in a way that will catch the eye of potential professional contacts, we can produce you an ‘About Me’ which will capture the imagination of fellow networkers within the first 30 seconds. We cut right to the heart of telling your story to discover what makes you tick; it’s our job to compose a ‘bio’ that shows to the outside world the core narrative that makes you different from the rest.

Own your Stage

Public speaking can make even the most hardened extrovert nervous! Though we can’t promise an end to the sweaty palms, we can take the stress out of your Ted Talk by telling your story and positing it in a manner that will make your audience take note. We can help you deliver a dynamic speech that tells your audience what you stand for and why you deserve to be heard.

Tell your Story in your personal statement

When the race for a place at your dream university is on, you need to make sure you’re ahead of the competition. Whether you’re a first-generation university applicant or come from a long lineage of Oxbridge grads, the higher education process can be confusing. That’s why we’re in your corner to demystify the personal statement process and create the best possible advert for you as a leader of tomorrow. We can work with you to produce a personal statement that is memorable for all the right reasons.

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