Month: May 2018

Why storytelling is still the new marketing: A skype coffee with Francesco Nencini

Francesco Nencini is a creator of Italian award-winning commercial work. The master of cinematic advertising for big international brands. He has done brilliant advertising work like this one here for Italian oil and gas industry contractor SAIPEM: I must say: I was extremely flattered when he told me my storytelling approach in video marketing would be the way brands are marketed today and he would love to talk with me about it. This is what we did. CH: Francesco, according to you: What is the shift and why the transition from traditional advertising to storytelling? Francesco Nencini: A few...

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Prince and Rapper: Storytelling via Cryptocurrency

Storytelling via Cryptocurrency When a prince and a rapper talk crypto CUBE Tech Fair is best known for doing pretty well at disrupting the stage. Instead of composing like-minded panelists who feel at ease in their respective bubbles, they arrange to pair most unlikely and unusual speakers. Last year it was House of Cards actress and startup entrepreneur Robin Wright Penn being interviewed by (un) feminist German editor Kai Diekmann talking about gender pay gap. This year it was Prince Constantijn of StartupDelta and the rapper Dennis Coles aka Ghostface Killah. They talked about today’s super buzz topic everyone...

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