What are the implications of the #MeToo campaign for the PR and marketing of your business?

Is Jimmy Choos commercial a misogynist fuck up or a masterpiece of advertising?

Do you find it difficult to decide what meets the requirements of your companies values? You are right. It is difficult. But this doesn’t mean you should give up thinking about it. On the contrary. In order to satisfy today’s diversity requirements in public relations you should leave it to the experts. Entrust us with your public relations and your storytelling.

We’ll make sure you won’t have to end up in academic arguments over gender roles every time before you go public. Because that isn’t your job. Your job is to to sell your products and services.

What good storytelling can do for you

We will tell your story, help you to sell your products and your services, by narrating an authentic and compelling story of your company.

About us

Harth& King is a PR Consultancy and Video agency located in Berlin, run by Caroline Harth and Angela King.

Dr. Caroline Harth has a PhD in history of law and a feminist background of more than 20 years. She was one of the first students studying feminist theory of law at Humboldt University Berlin, initiated by Professor Dr. Susanne Baer, who today is a judge of the Federal Constitutional Court of Germany.

Angela King has a journalistic background. She started working for German public Television (ZDF) and was in head of PR, event and marketing for X Filme and X Verleih for many years. X Filme is the Oscar winning German arthouse movie and international film production and distributor company. Angela knows how a good story moves people and – more important here – how good stories are being told and sold.

If you want 21st century storytelling and diversity requirements in arthouse cinema quality – then Harth and King are your PR experts.