Visual Storytelling is an invaluable communication tool. After all, it is a well-known fact that a picture is worth a thousand words. This is as true in social and political communication as it is in marketing. Right now, our lives consist chiefly of looking at images on screens, trying to lift our spirits up and to summon the strength to get through this crisis. You know what else will dig us out of this hole? Super Nurse. But we’ll get back to that.

Stuck in our homes and scared, we turn to art to fill our days, to take our minds away, to comfort and inspire us. If nothing else (and, probably, nothing else) this crisis should remind us how necessary art is. All those who are ever tempted, in the future, to suggest that art is “not a real job” and ought not to be treated as such, should be reminded of how impossible this time in their lives would have been without movies, music, books, shows, comics, games. Without art, our present would be bleak and our future would not be worth fighting for.

Enter genius artist Fake Stencils, aka @FAKE, who painted this ode to doctors, nurses, scientists and researchers around the world!

On his website Highonspraypaint he says:

“Super Nurse” is a tribute to all healthcare professionals around the world. To encourage them in these challenging times, to lift their spirits and send them love and appreciation, when so much is expected of them and so many people depend on their work.

Feel free to share “Super Nurse” with the healthcare workers in your life, or print it and give it as a gift. Put it up in your workplace! Do what you want with it!

Stay safe and healthy, look after each other, be responsible, and hang on in there!

Please be respectful and do not use this artwork for commercial purposes.

Copyright 2020 FAKE Art